I'm Jeff Odland, Founder & Principal of Paradigm Consulting from North Idaho.


The Why

Some want to know the “what” of one’s experiences, expertise, interests, etc. Often the more valuable answer lies in the person’s “Why”. (For a terrific read on this subject, see “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek.”)

A central Why is a desire to serve my fellow man, internalized over the years as it’s proven the most consistent compass by which to ensure progress. Another pivotal Why is country. Reference vertical alignment of God, country, family, work, and self. Now more than ever she needs it patriot’s engagement to save her, along with a heaping dose of divine providence.

Often one’s accomplishments are in no small part an indicator of core strength, usually a gift, a trait from God. One of mine is conceptual thinking, seeing over the treetops. The following are credited in part to this gift:

  • Lead enterprise sales manager across the company for Ziply Fiber in 2022.

  • A good ten years ahead of the industry, a lead player in launching an ILEC into a competing ILEC territory. (Launch of a NOOF ring from Verizon into an RBOC franchise.)

  • Responsible for the first fiber-based managed service in the industry before the term “managed service” had ever been heard. (An ATM over SONET network serving multiple AT&T sites with Verizon as the vendor.) This was surrounded by many first-of-kind service deployments, contract terms, etc.

  • Turnarounds of countless territories and accounts.

  • Creating verticals for manufacturers and staff to leverage for years to come. (Mitel platform as ubiquitous PBX platform in H/C field in N. ID as one example.)

  • An unusually high level of success in account management and sales across such a diverse landscape as to be considered not doable. Span included hardware, managed services, and network services; client base size from Fortune 50s to SMB; multiple industries including H/C, finance, manufacturing, mining, timber; fields of IT, LEC, carrier, and ISP.

  • Founder of the Inland NW Tech Pros association. The mission here was to bring best practices to a marketplace a good seven years behind the marketplace at large.

Some Biography Mechanics

  • Born, in 1958 in MN

  • Lived in eight different states, all rural towns, before graduating from high school as Dad was a corporate climber in the farming equipment business.

  • Colleges attended included Wenatchee Valley CC for a ski resort management degree and the University of Washington for business.

  • Moved to ID for the first time in 1972, returning in 2010.

  • One daughter, one son, and five terrific grandkids.

  • Majority of my career with Verizon in various sales, channel, and management roles.

  • On a more personal level, a dedication to family & kids. Married since 1981, past board member of Idaho Drug-Free Youth and Sandpoint High School advisory boards, 4H booster, ski instructor, and countless young men introduced to hard & honest work on my property.

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Author of American Strings, a soon-to-be-released series of articles on working-class American Patriots, those making the fabric strong of our great American tapestry. (link to come soon)

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